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Are Smaller Cars Cheaper to Insure?

Ford Fiesta SportSmall cars such as the Ford Ka and Fiesta, Renault Clio, VW Polo and Peugeot 106 have the advantage over the larger models in a few ways. They don’t break the bank when you’re filling up, they’re easier to maneuver, especially for new drivers, and they’re ideal as family cars.
There is still the cost of MOT, road tax and the dreaded insurance to think about, but small cars benefit from the lowest dealer prices, lower road tax and you won’t have to clear your savings account to keep the fuel tank filled.
That’s all very well, but are they cheaper to insure? Usually, yes. It does depend on where you go, so do your homework and shop around for the best deal you can get. Use comparison websites, they will often bring up choices that you may not have been aware of and make sure you look into any hidden costs. Your cars premiums will depend on a number of factors;
- Make and model
- What security you have
- Who owns and drives your car
- How you use your car, and of course
- What kind of cover you choose.
Variables such as engine size, value and type are also taken into consideration and as a general rule; the smaller the car, the smaller the cost. Add to the low cost the fact that small cars are getting safer as more models than ever get top safety ratings, it seems the best things really do come in small packages.
If you’re still not sure, websites such as confused.com and morethan.com will break down the advantages of each model in more depth. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies, so it’s a matter of doing your research and making sure you get the best deal for the best price.
If you want to view some cars visit www.motors.co.uk.

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